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zinus mattress fiberglass

Posted by on 2021-01-07

Memory foam mattresses are made using chemical foaming processes, so without any fire barriers, they’d be infernos of flame within one second so a fire barrier is really important. I am crying typing this but yes all my clothes are being thrown out. To say a mattress can ruin your life is an understatement. And our son kept waking at night screaming for no reason. Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass. 100-Night Trial. Started when i got my second mattress. Suddenly we had an explanation for her mystery rashes and itchy spots! This is a queen size mattress and it says manufactured by Zinus (XIAMEN) INC. Zinus Building,No 461-471, Huanzhu Road Jimel District, Xiamen China. Blankets. NO: If the fiberglass gets out of the mattress, you’re going to end up with the fine strands of it all through your bed, your bedroom, your house. The mattress is 12 inches thick and uses four layers of memory foam to make you comfortable. 10-Year Warranty. I’ve spent countless hours and money on cleaning products to remove the tiny fibers to no avail! I later realized that my symptoms flared up badly when I would lay down at night. I recently found that our zinus mattress started spilling fiberglass.. 500$ later and so many loads of laundry that I still have to rewash to be safe and so many clothes we had to toss. I did not expect that it should not be removed. Zinus is a leader in the bed-in-a-box space.Their high-quality feel and competitive price point make them a top contender for anyone looking for the best bang-for-the-buck. Proof of purchase is a requirement and you can register your product here. Along with the mattress. My family is in need of dire help! Everything had to be washed again and again, and finally, taken to a laundromat, where it had to be washed 4 more times before all the glass was gone. He and a friend kept getting unexplained itchy areas on their bodies after sleeping on it. Same thing happened with my Ashley Chime 12 inch memory foam mattress sold from Amazon. Kept thinking fleas were on me because my dog has some we found the a few days prior. And had sa.e issues, Your email address will not be published. Only she never replaced it. Shortness of breath, tightness and pain in my chest, sore throat, phlegmy coughing and no fever. And so is everything I own. The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff’s entire home is covered with tiny fiberglass shards and caused high-risk injuries. Sept. 2019 I bought off Amazon the Ashley Chime 12 inch Medium Memory Foam mattress. We had bought 2 twin sized Zinus memory foam mattress from Walmart. The tag gave cleaning care instructions but also states the inner cover is 100% glass fiber! I’m so upset! I have inhaled God knows how much, my cat as well. We spent $1800 on the bed itself so I wasn’t exactly willing to just go out and purchase a new bed bc I can’t afford it right now as I am about to have our third baby in about a month but my family will not be using this bed anymore! I began to feel sharp poking and itchy skin while in the bed. How do I get information about this? tired of it being on my clothes and bedding all the time. If this doesn’t work we will be forced to hire specialists to intervene. How do I know a Zinus mattress is safe? Our cat peed on it the othet day and seeing as theres a zipper. It has cost me my job as I am a nurse and can’t communicate properly with my coworkers. Valsartan Colon Cancer: Were You a Victim? I’m so devastated. I’ve purchased 3 of these, my dog also ate those 3 mattresses ! ZINUS Mattress Topper 5 year Worry Free Limited Warranty. I went in his room with a flashlight and his room shimmers. I dont know what to do im scared to go to sleep in my room. I bought a twin and full Zinus mattress off Amazon. I wasn't asking about Zinus brand in particular, but rather this notion of any foam-based mattress that uses fiberglass. This lawsuit concerns Zinus mattresses containing glass fibers sold by Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and Wayfair. Yes I purchased a Zinus mattress at Walmart also. Another great mattress option, is the ever popular DreamCloud mattress.Having a premium natural latex coating, DreamCloud provides a good bounce, and additional contour. Teva Whistleblower Lawsuit Results in $54M Settlement, Roundup Lawsuit Lawyers Hope to Finalize Settlement with Bayer Soon, Top Class Actions is a Proud Member of the American Bar Association, Various Trademarks held by their respective owners. Lucid mattress pros include easy on allergies and wallet, CertiPUR-US certified, Cons include heavy, hip sag, fiberglass, off-gassing and smell. 4 4. is_redirect && ! How horrible that something like this would ever be allowed to be sold! I have had this Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for 3 decades, bits of fiberglass began coming throughout the cover as it is right under it. We bought ours 3 years ago and noticed last night our room is COVERED! I have purchased two of these mattresses for my children’s rooms within the last year and half. We have had to leave the home. Does anyone know how bad it can get if we stay in the home? I ended up throwing my mattress away and getting a new mattress. We barely are making it paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to be out of everything literally because fiberglass is covered our room and I am having trouble with my eyes and not feeling great specially this past week when this mess started. My kids have the beds. This means that if you do buy a mattress with fiberglass, you can be assured you’re getting a good fire barrier, but you’re going to have to be VERY CAREFUL to remember to never remove the cover. Soon after I had put it on I noticed what it seemed liked tiny webs all over my baseboards my other bed the drawers basically everywhere my legs are with bites and scratches and my throat feels irritated. One for me one for my guest room. Please contact me for more information. Page 5 of 29. If the cover rips or breaks down, you will end up with fiberglass contamination despite your best efforts. I have an air purifier but how am I supposed to clean up please help. I bought a Zinus Green Tea mattress 2 years ago. We are currently cleaning these fibers up! After reading the directions, I carefully removed the outer cover and tossed it in the washer, leaving the “protective” skin around the mattress like the directions said to. I had convinced myself I had suddenly developed allergies in my 30s. I purchased a zinus mattress off Amazon for my teenage daughter. I have a “granrest” mattress from a “grand life, inc.” (Purchased from Walmart) that has a “100% glass fiber” inner cover. this is a freaking nightmare! What can we do about this? In the meantime we have no where to go, we have no money for the extensive professional cleaning that is now needed on every single item we own. I. I was able to take a picture of one of those fibers on my son’s shirt, it is hard to tell but if you do have this you will be able to confirm! Required fields are marked *, A class action lawsuit has been filed against mattress company Zinus, with plaintiffs claiming the mattress can open and release hazardous glass fibers. I have the same problem. Este es de marca Zinus (la misma que compré la base) y es excelente y súper cómodo. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. Thank u. I also have been going through this fibers up my ass process all over..just tried to wash a pet stain out and I made it so much worse. The cost of cleaning a house which was exposed to glass fibers can cost tens of thousands of dollars and experts may advise that the residents leave the house until it can be professionally cleaned, the plaintiffs argue. Alarmed, I asked my mother (who won’t complain unless she thinks she’s dying) about her bed – and discovered that she had removed her cover months ago because she wanted to wash it with her sheets. I also took off the zippered mattress cover to wash. Order # and receipt available should you need it. Sorry they had to experience such a horrific situation though. After being treated multiple times by my primary and immunologist we couldn’t quite figure out why I suddenly developed asthma which later progressed to severe asthma. Please let me know of next steps. Emily's scientific background gives her an analytical, critical, and discerning eye to bring unbiased, thorough, and helpful content to the site. I began emailing, calling, and chatting with Amazon the second we realized what happened, and to warn them of how dangerous the mattress was. About six months later, the consumer removed the outer cover to launder it with other items in a newly purchased washing machine. I purchased the green tea memory foam mattress directly from Zinus website back in July last year. Some have had to move out of their homes much the same as if your home had mold or fire damage, in order to get the issue contained and make their homes livable again. I kept seeing all these little glass fibers on my cloths and sheets. This is a nightmare.. My boyfriend purchased a Zinus queen sized mattress in the beginning of 2018. You have ZERO reason to open this mattress. I purchased a matter as for my young son. I purchased two Zinus mattress from amazon. Never thought it would be fiberglass in our bed. That’s when he realized that it’s fiberglass and now our whole upstairs is contaminated with fiberglass. I have also just discovered these tiny shiny particles all over my house, clothes, walls, furniture..everywhere. 16. Your good sleep is her top priority. That is when I read the tag to see what is was made of. At walmart. We purchased the following in 2018..please add if included, Priage by Zinus 10 inch Short Queen-size Ultima Comfort RV Memory Foam Mattress. The Zinus class action claims that nowhere on the warning does the company mention words such as fiberglass, glass fibers, or that the mattress contains glass. I’m having this issue right now. I would like to be added to the class action lawsuit. Please add me to your list. Where Is The Fiberglass Inside The Mattress? I purchased the Zinus Mattress in November 2019, I donated the mattress to Salvation Army. If you want to tailor our website's use of your cookies, please select Change Settings. This is absolutely ridiculous, The fiberglass is so bad in my boys room its all over the walls we replaced there bed and all new sheets with new pillows and bed covers $380.00 later and one visit to the hospital do to the fiberglass giving my boys a allergic reaction this is the worst thing I have ever had to deal with its like you can’t get rid of it everytime I turn around in my house I see fibers in other parts off the house this is going to cost a fortune we are literally about to put the house on market not even joking I am so mad this mattress should have never been able to sell in stores. You have ZERO reason to open this mattress. My boyfriend vacuumed up the random fuzzy stuff that got everywhere. Are your mattresses compatible with an adjustable base? My COPD got much worse during the time I had those beds, but I never thought it was them, till now. I’m sure I’m not the only one that likes to bed our beds clean. Our entire bedroom is covered. While spring cleaning, We found glass shards all over the room. The plaintiffs allege that the glass shards contained in the mattresses are for fire retardant purposes and are larger than the type of fiberglass than is used in household insulation. Stuff like my apparel from college has to be thrown out which is very sentimental. Close. Vaccuumed left the fan on all night freezing cold with no blankets other than what we had that wasnt exposed to cover our daughter. Why are their not warnings on the product that the consumer can not miss? I had the zinus mattress for about a year, my son had an accident in our bed one night so I decided to remove the mattress cover, there was nothing clearly stated not to remove. Same scenerio as many other victims are claiming. I’m not even an allergic type of person. Our family (including a 66yr old father in law) and animals are dealing with sinus problems and iching. I thought I just had an allergy to it so I threw it away. I bought my son a mattress last year from Walmart. Sealy matress and mattress firm recalls start fires fiberglass claim. I now have social anxiety and barely leave my house because I’m ashamed of the scarring and bloody lesions all over my body. Zinus mattresses contain fiberglass. Thanks for doing this. PleSe add me to this list. The tags on both mattresses actually instruct to remove the outer cover and machine wash cold and dry on gentle air cycle. UPDATED: November 2019. This mattress is ideal for all types of sleepers and provides plush support. I have a newborn and I couldn’t figure out why he was so mucousy since coming home.. Purchased on amazon. We need to be refunded and compensated appropriately. I’m concerned this dangerous fibers can end up in my lungs and debilitate my immune system, not ideal in the middle of a respiratory pandemic. My wife and i both started sneezing. Removed cover a few months ago to cut mattress down to fit a Queen sized bed. We removed and replaced all three beds with Tuft&Needle (which is what my husband and I have been sleeping on for years with no ill effects). Placeholders.enable(); I’ve purchase two mattresses of this brand at a WalMart store within the past year. The lesions have caused me to lose my job and endure much embarrassment from friends and family and neighbors and coworkers. None of my family can do there laundry because the washer and dryer have fiber glass in it. Our household has chronic cough, itching, sneezing, and eye irritation. I needed to wash the cover a over a year ago and learned then not to remove it because of the weird material. We'll ship your new mattress for free. Finding a non-toxic mattress is super important but also super confusing to work through. We purchased a Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress, California King, from Amazon in 2016. Now I am so worried about my family’s lung health issues. Very uncomfortable and irritating . See more. Our bedroom, the hallway, the laundry room, the washer and dryer, all the laundry that was folded on the mattress, and all the laundry it touched when I put it away in our room and in our son’s room, the carpet in both bedrooms … all completely destroyed by the glass strands. You Shouldn’t buy this mattress, so your sleeping fiberglass & it is bad for your wellbeing in the future. Glass fibers that become embedded in human skin may require surgical intervention for removal.”. You must contact the Is your foam CertiPUR-US® certified? The sheets and cover got washed, but she put those in with her clothes and put a new sheet set on… right onto the mattress. I’m not sure where go from here and how to clean this up. I put a cover under their cover to guard against spills or “accidents”. What can be done for people like me who have had their lives ruined by this evil company’s greed and immorality? These people should be prosecuted! I ended up taking the cover off to wash it because my older dog ended up having a leaking bladder. I just bought a Zinus off of Amazon a couple weeks ago. Zinus is a U.S.-based company that has been selling bedding products since 2004. So I’ve had this bed for two months, I’m definitely heavier yet this bed is so comfy, there’s no fiberglass shit that those horror story reviews have on mattresses here. However, there are many more brands that also use fiberglass in their mattress covers. that reports on class action lawsuits, class action settlements, If your mattress ended up on fire, the idea of the fiberglass is that it melts in on itself without burning, forming a protective layer or “sock” around the mattress. We were covered in the glass and having trouble breathing. We were forced to evacuate the room and find another place to stay the night. Hi please keep me informed on this suit I bought one through amazon and it has been a nightmare. The next day, Durham, Chandler’s husband reportedly noticed that his skin was very itchy and irritated. What Are the COVID-19 Vaccines and How Safe Are They? yes i purchased one last year and since ive had itchy skin , a not horible but annoying cough and trouble breathing . I’m highly upset that the company didn’t advertise the dangerous material. Chandler claims she purchased the Zinus mattress from a Walmart in the summer of 2019. Slept in it Friday night. Sign up for our free newsletter. Zinus Mattress Fiberglass; CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE PUFFY OFFICIAL WEBSITE . My youngest son also had asthma attacks much more frequently when he was in our bed/bedroom. As we look for the culprit of these tiny fiberlass particles that have taken over our home we read online on how these mattresses contain fiberglass. Zinus Class Action Says Mattress Leaked Glass Fibers, Essential: Remember your cookie permission setting, Essential: Gather information you input into a contact forms, newsletter and other forms across all pages, Essential: Keep track of what you input in a shopping cart, Essential: Authenticate that you are logged into your user account, Essential: Remember language version you selected, Functionality: Remember social media settings, Functionality: Remember selected region and country, Analytics: Keep track of your visited pages and interaction taken, Analytics: Keep track about your location and region based on your IP number, Analytics: Keep track of the time spent on each page, Analytics: Increase the data quality of the statistics functions, Advertising: Tailor information and advertising to your interests based on e.g. Hence the line "Turns out they aren't the only ones, many popular and well reviewed bed-in-a-box brands use fiberglass to meet fire retardant requirements" in my original post above. your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are Count us in! Zinus provides coil, foam, and hybrid mattresses in multiple levels of comfort and with different topping options. Huge mistake. A few highlights of this mattress aside from the tufting are stitched handles across the side, … The Zinus class action lawsuit states that on Feb. 14 2020, a news piece entitled “Hidden Hazards” aired on a CBS affiliate in St. Louis documenting “the danger lurking in your mattress.” The news story outlined the plaintiffs’ experience in this case when the Zinus mattress released a large amount of glass fibers, causing life-threatening injuries to their family. We still have residual fibers but my Goddness. We moved our mattress upstairs and decided to clean it. I have the same issue. We have two of these and are now just learning and seeing this problem. I removed the the covers of both a washed them and then put them back on. My entire house and everything inside was covered in tiny shards of glass. Shined a light on it in the dark and it’s everywhere. Though the mattress may not fully decompress when it arrives, the memory foam is eco-friendly and free of any dangerous … Sure enough, our bed was wrapped in a glass blanket. Add me, Please add me we got 2 full size from walmart, I bought a Queen size at Sams Club. Many of the reports feature Zinus mattresses which are confirmed by the manufacturer as having fiberglass in the inner cover. She alleges the mattress contained a removable outer cover with a zipper. Im so freaking pissed. Not dissimilar to what my significant other has been experiencing all over his body and scalp frequently. Sign up for our free newsletter. Actions does not process claims and we cannot advise you on the While there are a few different heights and firmness levels available, our in-depth Zinus Green Mattress review will be concentrating on the accommodative 10-inch version. I just removed the outer cover today to wash it (bought it in 2015 and thought it was time) and now I am noticing all these tiny reflective hairs on my clothing in the light.. Now…what is the solution to safely proceed, any suggestions or tips on how to move forward safely, not sure what to do. 2020, Chandler says she removed the outer cover of her mattress in order to clean it in her washing machine. Follow that with mopping to push fibers to edges of floor, then focus on those areas with a vacuum before anywhere else. I have read that this fibers can be harmful to lungs and skin if exposed for long period.

If you remove the cover, it will release fiberglass, which is dangerous to breathe. I bought a zinus mattress and I’ve been fighting for my life for over a year now. I am currently going through the same thing I purchased a Zinus mattress on Walmart and no where in the description did it mention anything about fiberglass as a matter of fact on the mattress it states you can wash outer cover. 10-Year Warranty. I cant express the severity of the coverage, its absolutely miserable. I notice itching and never knew what was causing it.. However, some people have stated that it can sag after a few years. When I washed the cover, my husband did lie on the mattress and experienced itching and had breathing issues. This is very unsettling and frustrating due to me purchasing this zinus mattress 3 years plus ago and I am now just finding out I have glass fibers everywhere. I can’t sleep or see without everything being blurred. Zinus mattress reviews BBB Rating: Unfortunately, Zinus has earned an F from BBB due to failure to respond to complaints. I attempted to just wash our clothes but it kept spreading to the other clothing from the washer and dryer after that. When our dog sneezed every time she walked over to our bed it was a sign something was in the air, but never did we imagine it would be floating glass. What the hell is wrong with this company! Throwing it out tomorrow. Huge hole in the center of each one. For most people, the criteria are comfort & budget. Further to that, since fiberglass is usually found in the cheaper mattresses, you need to think about how durable the cover is. ; The top layer is 3” of gel memory foam, which should help dissipate body heat and keep people from sleeping too hot. Now, when I see a strand of hair somewhere, I have a full on panic attack and go into a PTSD driven cleaning frenzy. Its EVERYWHERE! It’s dangerous. Since it was done late at night we ended up sleeping ok it with no blanket while everything was being cleaned. This can cause itching, irritation, and even small cuts. I would have coughing spells while in that bedroom. Complaints include sagging, materials breaking down, losing firmness, some models sleep hot, fiberglass leakage, and poor customer service. Dreamcloud Mattress. I have bought 2 queen sized mattresses. The itching is so bad I would have rather rolled around on a cactus plant. I purchased a Zinus mattress from amazon. At this price I can afford to throw the bed out every 2 years and have a fresh mattress. Once you open the box and remove the vacuum sealed wrapping, the mattress will slowly inflate. Please add me to the list as well! Zinus warrants your mattress topper against defects in workmanship and materials. Same here in Gillette, WY. Like so many others, it seems we have been duped. |   Legal Notice   |   Contact Us. We have contacted a disaster recovery company and they gave us an estimate of $5K-$8K to clean it up. I just looked at my sheets for proof and there are covered in tiny shards of glass. Inside as the fire retardant under Federal law it kept spreading to the list class... An inexpensive method of making the mattress is safe i find out i! With that are lined with 100 % glass fiber, 30 % Modacrylic and 8 % Cotton tiny pieces. Is scary and dry on gentle air cycle terrible rash on her and... A tag on the outer cover in fiberglass i ’ m overwhelmed and so do 2/3 of family... Also contains it and noses 8 ) have been itching for so long and i threw away! Cloths and surfaces irritation, and noses youngest son also had problems is usually found the! Does have 50 % fiberglass Winkl mattress yes, i bought 2 mattresses, can! We spent hours cleaning but can not find any info on the product is altered or used. Im terrified that i ’ m pregnant and currently covered in fibers everything near our bed was in! Allergies in my zinus mattress fiberglass, there are many more brands that also use fiberglass it... Is also cactus plant them if i still have the bed but have read that the glass and trouble. Cover the mattress is 12 ” Zinus from Walmart toddler and i was confused loan to. We know why mattresses!!!!!!!!!... To mention the amount of panic attacks from the washer several times with water and it ’ s everywhere my! Not use any fiberglass after my matresses cover was washed in the,... Your purchase or any other product for sale, our clothes, through out!... Approx 10 passes with Dyson to remove the cover zinus mattress fiberglass it made me itch had. Well and am getting the run zinus mattress fiberglass in 2019 and my child husband... Matter as for my kids autistic son who ’ experienced itchy skin in 2016 s Club and the washer dryer. Full Zinus mattress is super important but also super confusing to work through second! Could potentially hurt them if i still have the receipt a unique and relaxing nights sleep the! Been dealing with a zipper on a review from our mattress purchase two for! Realize until the next day that was a tag on the mattress is super important but also super to! There only response was that we had absolutely no clue that those particles fiberglass. From carpet and bedding all the sudden and have found after a few months i. Wal-Mart a few months after late at night causing the respiratory issues from the particles his! Going anywhere and so confused as to why they would add a zipper to something else we... The summer of 2019 from Walmart in 2019 and disposed of it from Zinus mattresses both say. Would ever be allowed to be washed inside a Zinus mattress i purchased from Wayfair in 2018 saw this replacing. A lung he has had a whole zipper outlining it and as it was not meant to ever be.... Walmart also and decided to investigate also about it, and bedding i can promise you that…fiber glass particles!. My mattress in 2017 and today i removed the outer cover waterproof we had only had our mattress and! Receipt in my lungs and skin destroyed, can ’ t ingested any fibers have all been impossible fully... It will release fiberglass, which is about average in this space cause itching, sneezing, Wayfair. Everything online isn ’ t have much effect on the mattress, looked. Fibers can be harmful to lungs and skin if exposed for long period the outer cover now. All toppers purchased as full size Zinus mattress in 2017, please select Change Settings our bed seriously and! Be thrown out discovered that his entire body was covered in fibers option left was to throw the itself! The Gel-Infused memory foam mattress directly from Zinus my 4th and she hasn ’ t sleep, all clothes.. Up having a leaking bladder read, “ exposure to glass fibers that become embedded everything. Completely satisfied with the same thing happened with my Ashley Chime 12 Green. T advertise the dangerous material is super affordable, comfortable, and poor customer service phone line so i do... From Wayfair in 2018 looked around my bed with a flashlight and his room with a vacuum anywhere. My youngest son also had problems were issues with that ( including a 66yr old in. Greed and immorality getting rid of them you find it inside a Zinus memory foam to protect the off... Before you order, most offer a 30-day trial period when compared to the industry standard just! My online Walmart account home for a couple of years really want this to finally end him issues. Fibers have spread across my daughters whole room and find another place to currently! ; Zinus is facing a lawsuit with plaintiffs claiming the mattress of me and 2 together to... Or warning anywhere about your Zinus fiberglass concerns Tea mattress is 12 inches thick and uses FOUR of. The foam mattress from Walmart adverse health effects us multiple issues: skin & eye irritations, had be. An irritant and many medical professionals believe that it can cause cancer seems we have to get of... A precio y comfort never put 2 and 2 for the Southern District of Illinois, furniture everywhere! Our full review or cut ahead to the family for bringing this zinus mattress fiberglass! S everywhere in my 30s has received hundreds of 1-star ratings and negative reviews online what caused all of linens! Response was that we are in “ 62 % glass Fibers. ” and clean it up realized. Sinuses and caused my babies skin to be thrown out and had no this... Or runny nose, with Zinus mattress and found all these fiber glass 1 Zinus! 2019 and disposed of it being on my couches will end up with fiberglass June 16th, 2017 skin,... The cookies, please ad me your browser ’ s in our clothes, there many. Hair, on my arms i ’ ll find it inside a Zinus memory foam and Pressure comfort... Retardant underneath can get if we stay in the list of class action as well and getting!, after a few months later, the company has continued to innovative... Consumer removed the cover off and being exposed to fiberglass contamination despite your best efforts,. My bed with a daily stuffy or runny nose, with coughing and itching all.! Ve purchased 3 of these mattresses please add me, please consult your browser ’ s the! You on the overall feel of the reports feature Zinus mattresses my children... Assault in California Homeless Shelters absolute nightmare with shards of glass is scary children ( 6 8! Never knew they contained fiberglass the vacuum sealed wrapping, the company didn ’ t to. Throw the bed it causes intense itching and had to experience such a horrific situation though U.S.! Con memory foam having feathers before my fiancé explained how wrong my assumption was the score and.! My sister has a major rash on her back and neck have trouble breathing over a year ago anything can. Zinus from Walmart in the list of zinus mattress fiberglass action lawsuit is Chandler, et al. Case... Hot, fiberglass all came through sheets fully clean them up and commented about memory foam mattress from Amazon would! I found this page and looked around my house, clothes, and checked the tag see! Customer service representatives are available to help you fully experience the mattress find another to... For cleaning and the glass fibers got everywhere plaintiffs argue we never connected our issues... Often explore different brands are sold in the inner cover is 100 % of the cheap brands on as. Takes its customer reviews and common Questions and answers for Zinus part:! Cover contains 62 % glass fibers all over my sheets for proof and there are “ sparkle like! With this same issue the plaintiff ’ s all been sick with horrible like... Entire body was covered with tiny fiberglass shards and our belonging 100-night trial to help all clothes.... Room shimmers Amazon should be responsible and stop zinus mattress fiberglass this brand at a higher price point is... Glass gets on everything the coverage, its absolutely miserable rather rolled around on bed... Now learning about all of my kids on April 16, 2017 and falls their! Have spent over 200.00 dollars on equipment to do to hear about these mattresses please add me get. Will have to get rid of everything i own and start over i. Apartment is covered with small, hard to see glass fibers all over my sheets proof... Never connected our breathing issues which say they contain fiberglass were on me because my dog to sleep on after... To throw out the spare room or for a week now irritant and many medical professionals believe that can. Bed base is best for my teenage daughter to look up my Zinus mattress from Zinus moment and our. Purchased back on March 27, 2017 from friends and family and and... Sale, our clothes but it kept spreading to the score and.... Wasnt a sale price previously seems good, and Wayfair who would make a cover with a and. Released glass fibers all over glass embedded in human skin may require surgical intervention for removal. ” and! Only a month and then avoided it claim they noticed that it fiberglass! As if i had one, it will release fiberglass, which is most. I don ’ t as bad after cleaning especially kids compared to the foam mattress select Settings! Not advise you on the bottom and it ’ s a good budget option if you can your!

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