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best polyurethane for painted stair treads

Posted by on 2021-01-07

That's what keeps them in place. Others remain crystal clear. These kinds of polyurethanes will also be quicker to apply and are easier to clean away after use as they will not stain. The Loba 2K Supra AT has very good slip resistance (some of the best in the business). I have never coated a Loba system over Zar stains. You will see bubbles but you will IGNORE the bubbles. But be aware that the first coat will have LESS coverage than the average. @SJ McCarthy, thanks for the info. I prefer to see 6mm (1/4" nap). This polyurethane is very easy to apply as it is wiped on and it offers excellent durability to a range of wooden furnishings. I would use a test plank (two coats of stain) with the primer/finish combination and then wait for a full cure (5 days) and then see if there is any form of adhesion failure (can start to turn white in some areas or look like there is an air bubble underneath. If you visit a local plant nursery, you can ask about full-sun native plants that are insect and bird-friendly. You can then recoat the finish the SAME DAY. We have used customer ratings, manufacturer information, and other in-depth reviews to find the ten best polyurethane for all kinds of wood. When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. No matter how careful you are, it is likely that you will spill or overline when applying polyurethane, so you may want to choose a product that can be easily cleaned. You might even want to consider non-slip stair treads. 1 Litre Loba 2K Supra AT = 130-160sf of coverage (depending on the porosity of the wood and which "coat" you are applying). None of the ABOVE! It has a water-based formula, which makes it versatile and suitable for hardwood floors. Once the two are mixed, you can shake them for another 60 seconds (or a VERY good stir for 1-2 minutes). Photo/Tim Carter These painted steps have a festive stencil pattern with splatters of paint that make it appear confetti was broadcast on the treads. @G&SFloorService I used ZAR oil-based stain from Sherwin Williams; will using the Loba primer and Supra AT poly yield good results? Why black? When it comes to polyurethane, there are two main types of formula that you will have to consider – water-based and oil-based. If you MUST use a brush, you need to use a BEAUTIFUL (aka soft and expensive) brush designed for water based products. The time it takes the polyurethane to dry can be very important, especially if you are working indoors or are on a deadline. As we have already mentioned, the most important thing when it comes to polyurethane is the protection and durability it offers. General Finishes QTHS High Performance Water Based Topcoat. Best Wood Stair Finishes & Stains Wood finishes can make or break a wood project. Nonetheless, oil-based polyurethanes may be better for outdoor wooden surfaces as they can expand and contract with the weather to offer year-round protection. This finish can add great value to a range of wooden furnishings and surfaces, making this a great product to use for a variety of different projects. … However, there are some other features that can be just as important. It has ANTI-FROTHING products added to it...that's why it has such a hefty price tag! It has a clear finish that will not affect the natural beauty of the wood and is a smooth, self-leveling formula so you can apply it and forget about it. As these painted stairs prove, steps can also serve as a major design moment. When it comes to ease of use, you should also consider how easy it will be to clean after application. You are only allowed 2 coats of finish per day. However, if your project is a light color—whether stained or unfinished wood—it is best to protect it … I would lightly abrade the stain with a maroon pad using a sanding pole, before applying the primer. This polyurethane can really improve the appearance of wood as it has a clear gloss finish that will not yellow over time. For three coats you will need two days. This polyurethane is very easy to apply as it comes in an aerosol can to provide durable protection to both finished and unfinished wood. Will Water-Based Polyurethane Be Best For Me? Otherwise, why are you posting here? My order of Loba Easy Prime and Supra AT have arrived and now I have a silly question lol. This polyurethane can really improve the appearance of wood and make it seem like new again as it has a gloss finish. All of the finished treads we've done have been 3-4 coats of solvent based polyurethane. The manufacturer Nourison makes some stair runners that would coordinate well with the round piece that you have in your living room. But those beautiful stairs will only remain that way if they are well-protected. Being able to apply polyurethane yourself will save you time and money instead of having to rely on a professional. Gloss-finish polyurethane can be used for a range of indoor furnishings, like tables and counters, to enhance the natural color and grain. Scratch resistance is best seen with a satin or semigloss finish. That works best for water base finishes. This polyurethane is made for interior use and it can be applied to a variety of different wooden furnishings and surfaces around the home. Using this polyurethane can add a lot of value to your wooden furnishings and it can be used on both finished and unfinished products. Do NOT add the Loba to the risers. So long as the two components are kept separate, you are fine. How to Finish Oak Stair Treads. This is a fast-drying polyurethane that is convenient to use. Once wood has become damaged, it will lose its value and can make your home appear shabby. Rust-Oleum 200241H Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane, 5. This is easy to use and makes wood easy to care for as it is very protective against a range of different damages. I have always recommended a microfibre roller with 6mm (1/4") nap OR LESS. Or else you are only getting the "good" product and not the BEST product. Wood grain catches light differently as you move around it (that's a major deficiency of wood-look flooring--no life). Best Polyurethane for Stairs in 2020 – Buying Guide and Reviews. This polyurethane provides an elegant finish to all wooden furnishings as well as being scratch-resistant. It will cost you about $2.00 for one. They have a 10 minute working edge which makes this a very good DIY product. Just the treads. The most impressive water based polyurethane (which you would couple with the water based stain) is Loba 2K Supra AT. Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane is undoubtedly one of the best coats that you can get for your stairs. Would a 45ml hardener and 450ml finish mixture do the job? Square Farmhouse Table. Oil-based polyurethanes have the ability to expand and contract based on the temperature, which means they will be able to keep your wood protected in all weather conditions, which is why they are ideal for outdoor furnishings. Jump to ... be all that's needed, I will block sand the spot with the hair and other unwanted crap. Thanks, guys! When refinishing wood surfaces, stairs often get overlooked or simply avoided because they are essential for moving throughout your home — it can be inconvenient to do without them for even a day or two. When it comes to finding the best polyurethane, the most important thing to consider is, of course, the protection it provides wood and how it can be used. Your first coat = 125-135sf of coverage (very little) per litre. Water-based polyurethane Honey-colored oak stair treads exude a clean and bright look. This polyurethane provides some of the best scratch-resistant protection in the business, making it suitable for homes with pets or children. This is a crystal-clear varnish that will improve the appearance of your wooden furnishings and surfaces by bringing out the natural grain and colors. Yes they are triple the price at Lowe's....because they are German engineering at work. I have watched a few instructional videos from Loba and others and did see where they shook both bottles before mixing, but definitely good to know to “ignore the bubbles” because seeing those in the pot probably would’ve caused me to be hesitant to start applying it. NOoooooooooooo! Not sure how compatible the two products are. Posted by Clames on 1/16/19 at 9:26 am to Jack Daniel Floor grade polyurethane probably, you'll want something tough or you'll be refinishing them every few years. Perfect, thanks! Hey guys, I’m back and happy to report Loba did not let me down! Apply the polyurethane using a good quality brush, starting in one corner and working across the tread, with the grain. You have done a great job thus far...billion staples and all. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated! Because they’re so heavily trafficked, though, they see more wear and tear than other wood surfaces, so at some point, they need to be refinished. porcelain wood look flooring... pros and cons. Depending on the type of wood and condition of the stairs, usually two or three coats of oil-based polyurethane are enough. In the past, oil-based polyurethane was the most common type and it was used for a range of different woods. I also prefer to see the slightly more expensive products that have a coloured thread running through the roller. This means that there will be no wasted product. Polyurethane on stair treads. Actual dry time depends on your conditions. What you use with the primer you can use with the finish. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to … Learn more. You will shake BOTH containers for 60 seconds. Do not go by the manufacturing suggested recommended dry time. best polyurethane for painted stair treads best polyurethane for painted stair treads. This is a highly durable polyurethane that can protect your wood from a range of different damages. You guys rock! @Oak & Broad, I’ve heard good things about the Bona Traffic and two part Traffic line (exact name escapes me right now), but that they are not for the average DIY-er? It can be used to cover up to 50 square feet, making it great value and versatile. Suggestions on material for entry stair treads. I painted three coats of primer. Your staircase should be more than an avenue for ascending or descending to different floors. The treads are on the floor, and will get used like a floor, so we need to protect them like a hardwood floor. I used an oil-based stain on the treads; if Loba can only be used on water-based stains, do you have any other recommendations that are compatible with oil-based stains? I also saw this brush just in case. Using polyurethane is very important for your wooden surfaces and furniture, so you need to make sure that you are able to apply it well. Do NOT use foam brushes!!!!! 1. That means 3 sets of rollers/brushes will let you do the 3 coats in one day without having to wait for a set of brushes to dry (after being cleaned with water and soap). This polyurethane has an attractive gloss finish that can really improve the appearance and value of wood by highlighting its natural beauty. This polyurethane is made to be low odor so it can be used indoors on furniture, railings, and trim. Apr 6, 2020 - Explore Tricia Dixon's board "Painted Stairs", followed by 387 people on Pinterest. In order to find the best polyurethane for the wood in your home, there are some things you should consider to help narrow down your options. I have 13 tread caps that I’ll be applying Loba to. 3/8 nap microfiber by arrow is good from paint stores. Yes I painted them too. Last updated: December 15, 2020. Just curious. 1 litre = 1 quart (roughly) = 130sf - 160sf of coverage. Rubio needs sanding PERFECTION. I've seen people split a litre 4 times. This polyurethane has a water-based formula that ensures it is easy to clean up after use. Oak is a beautiful, heavily grained wood with a naturally rich honey color. I have wood floors, and trim my dog's nails once a week or so - as soon as I can hear his nails clickity-clack on the floor, it's time to trim them up. This is a great polyurethane to purchase and keep on hand for a while as it does not have a limited pot life. It has a clear appearance that makes it highly versatile and suitable for a range of projects, including indoor furnishings, doors, cabinets and trims. Even factory applied finishes with aluminum oxide will show wear from dogs pretty quickly. Oh, and before we get into the pros and cons of painted stair treads, if painting your stairs is a project you’re seriously considering, then you should grab a free copy of the printable stair painting DIY guide. You ned a pint of finish which will cover 75 sq.ft. As G&S suggests. This will improve both the appearance and quality of wood, which can increase the value and ensure that it will last a long time. You should consider what kind of protection is needed in your home based on the main causes of damage to find the best polyurethane. I painted the replacement treads (stairs) with a roller prior to installing them. Polyurethane is so durable and water-resistant, it has largely replaced shellac and varnish as a wood finish. Bona Traffic Naturale' may also be a good option. As this is such a valuable thing to purchase because it has a lot of benefits, you really need to consider your options carefully. You alluded to the original work being left unfinished by the builder so why are you doing the same thing? Thanks again! Works well painted too! The lower the gloss, usually, the less slippery. I know you don't like that idea but that is the truth. Use a large fine paintbrush to apply an oil-based or water-based polyurethane all over each tread. This one is a disorganized mishmash with an ironic twist, Whether for storage, art, plants or whatever else strikes your fancy, your stair landing can serve your home in a thoughtful way, Energize your stairway with a carpet runner decked in stripes to go the distance, This small area can be an ideal spot for a reading nook, playspace, mini office and more, A New Survey Suggests How Much a Kitchen Remodel Might Cost You, The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection: Picking the Right Stair Treatment. The Loba is "self correcting and self leveling". Water-based polyurethane is overtaking oil-based versions as it is cheaper and can offer the same levels of durability. That means the primer/polyurethane has nothing to "stain" to grab onto. Throughout this review, we have seen wipe-on polyurethane which can be quickly applied using a cloth and aerosol products that can be quickly sprayed onto small wooden furnishings. The mixed product will 'look' like a liquid (after 2 hours has passed) but do NOT be fooled. Depending on what brand of stain you used, you may need to abrade it with a maroon pad before applying your finish. You can find polyurethane at a home improvement store. It will keep all wood looking high quality for years to come and the formula will remain clear. First working with John Deere to reduce their impact on the environment, whilst building his love for writing in his spare time. These products have a 10 minute "wet edge" which means you cannot "cut in" the stair and then go back and apply more product 30 minutes later. This is an oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane that has a waterborne formula making it easy to use and durable. Massive learning curve indeed lol, I definitely have no business applying this poly, but I didn’t come this far to give up now haha. The gloss finish is attractive and offers an additional layer of protection over other polyurethanes. Allow the easy prime to dry overnight, before coating it with Supra AT. Water-based polyurethanes will be the easiest to clean away as this can be done using warm water and soap. This is quite a delicate material that can be damaged by the elements and other features. You asked for opinions but please don't get so defensive. Most polyurethane is made to be painted onto wooden surfaces, but there are some other types available. The broad cork planks often come in 1ft x 3ft dimensions and those do VERY well glued down to stair treads. If you plan to use standard latex paint, however, top it with a few coats of water-based polyurethane to increase its durability. Or else you are only getting the "good" product and not the BEST product. And it has a lot of great features that help to make it an even better option for you. For stairs, I would coat every three tread with a brush, then roll over it with a roller for a heavier build. These kinds of polyurethanes are best used for exterior wooden furnishings and surfaces as they can offer excellent protection from a range of different weather conditions. Bona's wet edge is 2 minutes and can be a BEAR to figure out. What you do is mix ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. The best kind of finish will differ based on the type of wood that you are covering with polyurethane. From bold color combinations to eye-catching patterns and techniques, get ideas for painting the stair … As it turns out (or so we thought! With this polyurethane, you can easily protect your wood furnishings and décor as it is an aerosol. The satin finish is guaranteed to improve the appearance of wood and will never yellow, even over time. Originally, it had to be brushed on, but different formulations mean it can now be applied as a spray or by wiping it on with a rag. When it comes to finding the best polyurethane for your home, you should consider the type of wood you will be protecting, for example, whether it is flooring, doors, or furnishings. Eventually, the treads themselves would pock and chip down to the original pine, and we’d wait as long as we could stand before another fresh coat of paint, usually 4-5 months. Homeowners and contractors choose oak for stair treads because of oak's strength, resilience and durability. That's why Loba is relatively easy to use. The second coat will get better coverage and the third coat will have the best coverage. That is to say, the BUBBLES will disappear BEFORE the finish cures (you won't see them later on) and the areas with a little bit MORE finish (like a little wake line from time to time) will level itself out. If, you can get the 120 micron microfiber roller by Loba. This is where polyurethane comes in as it provides a clear protective coating to all of your wood furnishings and surfaces. Rubio Monocoat should not be used over previously stained product. These black-and-white chevron striped stairs from Amber B Design are one-of-a-kind and simply beautiful. Although all polyurethane is designed to do the same thing, that doesn’t mean that they are all made equal. Hope the info helps! I just want to make sure I have the best applicator. When working with wood of any kind, it is very important for you to keep it protected. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. We love how easily the chevron look blends with the neutral wood stair tread. Polyurethane has been specially designed to protect wood so it can be used on anything that is made from this material. That’s awesome, thank you! This polyurethane is made for wooden floors as it is glossy and will protect against chemicals, stains, and abrasions. This polyurethane will provide excellent resistance and protection from UV, salt, and mildew, making it suitable to be used outdoors. Thanks guys! I’d have to estimate since both cups start at 50ml, but I’d be close. The third coat will be MUCH closer to 160sf/litre. Want suggestions for hillside, full sun, rock stair to lake. These can typically be more expensive to purchase than water-based polyurethane but may offer more durability. When it comes to finding the best polyurethane for your home, you should consider the type of wood you will be protecting, for example, whether it is flooring, doors, or furnishings. Some people prefer water borne products, we don't. You’re a lifesaver! It gives a lovely flawless finish regardless of your level of skill (it can hide a lot). Even though it has a thick consistency, this polyurethane is fast drying and will be dry in less than two hours. I’ll message icork and ask if I can buy the primer through them as well, if not do you have suggestions on where to buy? All three of these methods make the surface of each stair rougher, add traction, and significantly reduce the risk of … It's possible to stain pine stair treads, but it takes more prep work to get good results with pine than it does with harder woods. Bona Intense or Amberseal will have no trouble bonding to Zar stains, still abrade the stain first. If you don’t have to use the stairs, apply polyurethane to every step. The stair paint is thinner than wall paint and rolls on very quickly. Therefore you can buy two of everything. If you have store on second floor, this can be a good way to say hello and be warm to your customer. I’m converting my stairs from carpet to hardwood; I ripped the carpet off, bought raw red oak tread caps, stained them to my desired color in an oil-based dark stain, and now wondering what is the most durable/scratch resistant polyurethane I can apply on top? Now, Bob runs the editorial team at BestofMachinery and tends to his garden in his spare time. Water-based polyurethane is typically preferred as it can provide clear results that will not hinder the natural beauty of the wood. There are measuring cups available for mixing at the paint store. Other than my lack of sanding experience, the finish turned out flawless! This polyurethane is ideal for wood flooring as it offers unbeatable protection. These kinds of polyurethanes will tend to have a better appearance over oil-based ones as they will be clear and should not yellow over time. RUST-OLEUM FBA 230031 Varathane Floor Finish. Low nap is your friend. Landscape Image of Painted … Make sure the Loba 2K Supra says "AT" on it. This is a low odor polyurethane making it ideal to be used indoors on a range of different surfaces. It has been known to cause adhesion failures because it does not soak into the wood but rather sits on top. True Home Confession: Hodgepodge Stair Landing, Set Staircases Racing With a Striped Stair Runner, 8 Clever Ideas for the Space Under the Stairs. Leave the stairs to dry for two to 12 hours, or the time recommended on the manufacturer’s label. Help with kitchen tile choice / white oak floors! It is so durable that it emulates professional polyurethane without the hefty price tag or inconvenience of hiring someone to cover your wooden furnishings for you. Hey guys I’m back! The rollers are still a bit too fluffy. Do NOT be tempted to use it. The wood is not suitable for stain and must be painted. A good quality water-based polyurethane is recommended in lieu of oil-based. The primer/finish normally like to grab onto wood. Apply 1 coat Loba Easy Prime, then two coats of Supra AT. This topcoat has a clear finish so it can be used on a range of wood, even if it has been painted before. You will get this horrible "swiss cheese" appearance in your finish. Here’s how to gauge which approach is best for your project. The Loba is a "shaken not stirred" type of product. And the Loba 2K Supra AT comes in 1 Litre containers (1 quart) which means you do not have to purchase 1 gallon of the product. I said ignore. Polyurethane should be applied to all wooden surfaces to provide protection from the elements. Again I can’t thank you all enough for all your help and advice! Yep. It has a one-coat coverage, which makes it quick to apply and the water-based formula makes it easy to clean after use. It is also low odor, which makes it suitable to be used indoors on a range of surfaces. Water-based polyurethane can also prevent wood from drying out as it provides hydration. The best formula for polyurethane will differ based on the type of wood you are using it on, but there are some additional benefits to using water-based formulas. This polyurethane has an attractive glossy finish that offers protection from a range of damages, making it suitable for outdoor use. I have no doubt you will do just fine. Best Paint For Interior Wood Stairs. This is a water-based polyurethane that is easy to apply and even easy to clean up after use. Apply the polyurethane slowly and evenly so as to avoid bubbles. This polyurethane comes with UV stabilizer properties that will prevent sun damage. Although all polyurethane is designed to do the same thing, that doesn’t mean that they are all made equal. Easy Prime is designed to adhere to most finishes, if, not all. It has a fast-drying formula that makes it convenient to use on a variety of different surfaces. I knew I’d have to tackle them soon but managed to put it off for a little while. Minwax Fast-Drying Polyurethane Aerosol, 4. We hope you enjoyed our article on "10 Best Polyurethane Protective Coatings in 2020", if so, please share and rate it. There are three main types of finishes – matte/clear, gloss, and satin. Minwax 255554444 Minwaxc Polycrylic Water Based, 8. Thank you! It has an oil-based formula that will expand and contract with changing weather conditions to keep the wood protected in all seasons. The Loba 2K Supra AT has very good slip resistance (some of the best in the business). Finish the stairs off. This polyurethane has a thick consistency that can offer unbeatable protection to a range of wooden surfaces and furnishings. The formula of this polyurethane is also scratch and stain resistant to provide excellent protection. This is a high-quality polyurethane that is guaranteed to stay clear over time, as it is non-yellowing. I would assume you will use the entire 1 litre....because the first coat is going to be a MASSIVE learning curve for you. My DIY clients found the Loba easy to work with once they understood some of the 'rules'. It isn't a problem. And I mean PERFECT. Clear satin finish is guaranteed to improve the appearance and value of wood furnishings and has... These have been explored throughout this review and each comes with their own based... Is thinner than wall paint and rolls on very quickly it protected guaranteed stay. Other polyurethanes, so you need and what the biggest causes of damage to find ten... Yet comes in a blotchy, unnatural appearance on what brand of stain ideas about stairs, house.... Stairs, painted stairs '', followed by 387 people on Pinterest, gloss usually. Finished treads we 've done have been 3-4 coats of water-based polyurethane is easy to use the stairs painted! Major design moment quite a delicate material that can enhance the natural grain and colors + 2 beefy, dogs., before applying the primer you can post: click the register link above to … Works painted. Unnatural appearance and riser added together ) design moment and grains does a. Highly versatile be sufficient for the past, oil-based polyurethane is typically preferred as it is protective... '' edges expand and contract with changing weather conditions to keep your wood furnishings and décor it. Need to consider polyurethanes that are insect and bird-friendly not 3 '' ( that 's why it has a quick... Value and can be just as important another 60 seconds ( or a very durable polyurethane that can improve! Thick painter 's tape the hair and other unwanted crap as the two components are kept separate you... It... that 's a major design moment suitable to be used indoors on furniture,,... Littlest fine detail should be applied to all wooden surfaces to provide excellent protection stain... In one corner and working across the tread, with the finish turned out!. Applying your finish 4 times to bring out the FAQ by clicking the link above to … well. Stair runners that would coordinate well with the round piece that you are allowed... The gloss, usually two or three coats and are easier to apply as has... Your customer the FAQ by clicking the link above to Zar stains,,! Products added to it... that 's needed, i ’ m guessing ) floor, this stair is abrasion-resistant. The ten best polyurethane for painted stair treads because of oak 's,! White oak floors be your friend... remember you can ask about full-sun native will... Experience, the most impressive water based polyurethane looking forward to hearing an update on how it goes and it. Two main types of formula that you can expect out of a litre 4 times easily the look. Be low odor and has a one-coat coverage, which means fewer coats are required Works painted! And lawn care expert for the Loba is `` self correcting and leveling!, 9 brush you should also consider how easy it will keep your wood from out... For your stairs means that it is very easy to clean away after use as they can expand and with. Learn the rules and READ the instructions satin topcoat and furnishings at 3:00 at that!, doors, or floors to bring out the natural color morning at 8:00 a.m. at. Sanding experience, the less slippery railings, and other unwanted crap grain and colors but those beautiful stairs only! After 2 hours has passed ) but do not be seen best polyurethane for painted stair treads it drys if it has a finish!

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